Music Submission

    For details about the Meadows admission process, audition dates, and repertoire requirements, please see the:
    Undergraduate Music Admission Page
    Graduate Music Admission Page

    Please read the following directions carefully in order to successfully submit your recorded audition or pre-screen recording for voice.

    1. Review the list of submission types below, find the appropriate type and note the date.
    2. Scroll through the calendar to the right and click on the date once found (it should appear green).
    3. The link for the correct submission form will appear at the bottom of the page.
    • Please note that the volume of submissions is typically extremely high right before the deadline. Therefore, it is likely to receive an error message as you are trying to submit. As part of your recorded audition submission, we ask the attached list questions. We recommend that you draft answers to these questions in a separate document, so that in the event of an error during your submission, you will not lose this information.
    • Click on the appropriate link at the bottom of the page then fill out the form.  Once complete, click on “Submit.” A confirmation page will indicate your registration has been received successfully. Do not hit the <back> button as this could give you an error message.
    4. If you do get an error message instead of a confirmation page indicating that the "interview slot is full" or no longer available, try submitting again referencing the separate document you've prepared with answers.

    Pre-Screening Voice Audition Submission
    December 1

    Recorded Audition Submission (not attending an on-campus audition)
    January 15*

    *Note: Early Action/Early Decision I applicants should navigate on the calendar to December 1 and submit using Early Action Applicants (UG only) Music Recorded Audition Submission

    Unavailable / Filled
    Not Scheduled