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Mustang Days

Make your day a Mustang Day

Previously known as Mustang Monday, Mustang Days give you a 360° view of SMU in a more formal group setting. Get the inside track on admission, scholarships, financial aid and campus life. Throw your toughest questions at our student panel, and let our deans and professors tell you everything you want to know about our academic programs. Maybe even bring a friend or two! Registration starts at 9:00 a.m. and the program concludes at
3:15 p.m. Parents are welcome.

Summer and Fall 2016 dates can be found below with registration opening the week of May 16th. Please DO NOT make travel arrangements until you have registered for Mustang Days and received a confirmation email. This program often reaches capacity, and we will close the registration once it is full.

Summer 2016Fall 2016
Monday, June 27 (This program is completely full)Monday, October 3 (This program is completely full)
Monday, July 18 (This program is completely full)Monday, November 7


Unavailable / Filled
Not Scheduled