Dance Recorded Audition Information Form

    Recorded auditions should be submitted by pasting a YouTube or Vimeo link in the form below. Please carefully review our instructions for your submission before recording and submitting your audition.

    Early Action and Early Decision 1 applicants must submit by November 27.
    Regular Decision and Early Decision 2 applicants must submit by February 15.

    It is not always possible for our faculty to render an admissions decision from a recording. You may be requested to visit campus for subsequent activities such as an interview with our faculty.

    Your video(s) should include:

    • Personal introduction (1 minute or less)
    • Short ballet barre: Include plié, dégagé, rond de jambe, and grand battement (5 minutes or less)
    • Pirouette and petit allegro combination (1 minute or less)
    • Brief combination either choreographed or improvised in modern and jazz (30-60 seconds)
    • Solo in your technique of choice: ballet, modern, or jazz (90-120 seconds)
    Please note: Your recorded audition MUST include all three technique areas (Ballet, Modern and Jazz).

    Additional materials to submit with your video(s):
    • Dance Statement with Answers to these questions:
      • What two words would describe your relationship to Dance?
      • What would you bring to the Division of Dance at SMU?
    • Resume
    • Optional Photo

    For more information on recorded audition submission, email Heather Guthrie at