Meadows Class Observation Form

    Please note that in-person classes at SMU have been suspended until April 6. Class observations at Meadows School of the Arts are expected to resume after April 6.  Please check for updates.

    Prospective undergraduate candidates may use this form to request to observe a class in Meadows. Due to space limitations, this is only offered to seniors and transfer candidates.

    Graduate or Performer's Diploma candidates interested in visiting should email the Meadows Graduate Admissions Office directly.

    Music candidates interested in observing a music class and/or ensemble rehearsal, or setting up a sample lesson, please do not use this form, rather, refer to the instructions regarding music visits posted at

    Please submit your request at least two weeks prior to your visit date, and note that personalized visits are offered during the regular academic year (check your visit dates with the SMU Academic Calendar to avoid campus breaks), Monday through Friday, subject to availability. 

    Note: It is not necessary to submit this form in order to attend the Undergraduate 1:00 Meadows Information Session where we provide an overview of our undergraduate majors and minors as well as information on our audition, portfolio, and scholarship processes. Instead, if you’d like to tour the SMU Campus, attend the SMU Admission Information Session and/or the 1:00 Meadows Information Session, please schedule that here.